2022 K-TREND

The reason that MZ generation are willing to lighten their wallet

What do we need now?
It is the speed!

While Ordinary Premium has settled
as a hot trend,
interesting things have taken places.

The prices of premium brands
have been high rocketing,
but for open run,
department stores pitch tents
in front of the stores.

If we can upload pretty photos on SNS,
nothing can stop us!

To make a reservation for an accommodation
with full of sensibility,
we do not hesitate ticketing
even by paying high prices.

Especially, ‘Gucci Australia Seoul’
the collaboration of worldly well known chef
with a premium brand,
right after its launching in Korea was heard

Gwang-Keul-Jeon was held that outperformed
the college course registration.
During March and April,
they closed the sales in just 20 minutes
in major time zone.

One more thing.
Soju is not anymore a commoner’s drink!

WONSOJU was released by artist Jay Park,
which price is almost 14,900 won.
It attracted a high popularity
among young people recording
the complete sales of 20,000 bottles
in one week after its release.

Are you curious
about the hip trend of Korea once
you hear about it?

Such interesting phenomenon
Leader of trend,
LDF Magazine will never miss!

To share the trendy daily life and
trend of MZ generation

April issue covers K-Fashion and K-Restaurant
that are related to Ordinary Premium

Hope you meet with a hip trend of Korea
through the following contents.

Reservation is basic, Waiting is essential but
Let us GO GO~ to meet
with substantial buyers of MZ generation~!


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